is from a found poem I made a few years ago, and used it for an intermittent blog, which I’m transferring here to give it some spark.

I’m a basket of memories, conversations, dreams, nightly angst, news that creeps down my neck, little blurbs I jot down before sleep. Most days I crave stillness and the unfurling of words onto a screen or journal.

I've travelled and lived in different cities learning how individuals are influenced by their social, historical, and environmental landscape. My work has appeared in Yes! Magazine, Diversify Outdoors, Broad Street Review, among others. You can find me writing reported, personal or analytical essays, articles, and roundups about the outdoors, film, gender and culture, possibly weaving these elements into short stories, poems, along with the themes of being a young immigrant, exploring gender identity, and solitude within nature and architecture.

I'll be posting about traveling, nature, birds, thoughts on books, films, tv, writing opportunities, and more— bi-weekly. It's a way to gather thoughts, so more ideas can blossom, document my writing adventures and the community out there (as much as I love being an owl sometimes).